LIVE MUSIC w/ Matthew McDaniel

…Music that you can feel…” the only way to describe the music that comes from the depths of Matthew Marcus McDaniel. No nonsense rock n roll, with sultry soul singing encapsulating the blues. Matthew devotes himself to substance to bring soul to his craft leave his mark on the world. His obsession is to bring creativity and passion to music in an attempt to transcend space in time. Matthew always wanted to be a musician, primarily a singer, but coming from small town America with a family steeped in athletic heritage, this would prove to be no easy task. After graduating college and looking for what was missing, at the ripe old age of 23 he decided, having never sung nor played a note or written a song, it was time. Matthew has toured the state of Texas and the country as a solo artist. He also fronts national touring rock n roll band Thieves Of SunRise. Currently touring solo, Matthew plans to explore new inspirations and push his own boundaries and limits. Matthew though being a self taught musician, this you would never know with the savvy he commands in his composition. At the same time losing nothing in the evolution of depth in lyric nor soul of the vocal.